Library Pieces

Shhhh..... This March, Pocket Productions presents a very unique use of a most important community resource through a collaboration that brings together artists from across Columbia.

On March 25 and 26, libraries around Columbia will come alive as five percussionists, led by commissioned composer David Batchelor and dancers from the Power Company enter libraries around town and begin a six minute performance. The percussionists will use only objects found in the library as their instruments; the books, tables and chairs will become the dancers' props for a site specific piece entirely inspired by the quiet peace found in the library.

The piece is designed not to disturb the peace, but rather to use the movements and sounds that naturally occur in a library to provide a brief moment of reflection on the physical environment rather than the ideas we find in libraries. Ideas can be virtually communicated through the expansion of the Internet, but the space found in libraries cannot be replaced by our expansion of the non-physical knowledge space.

David Batchelor, composer

Chris Lee and percussionists Levi Walker, Lucas Tappa, and Braylyn Salmond from the Dreher High School music program

Jennifer Becker, choreographer, dancer

Ashlee Taylor, Shelley Connell, and Kenna Sommers, dancers from The Power Company