Grocery Store Musical

On June 9-10, the very first spontaneous musical in grocery stores in South Carolina transformed six grocery stores in to performance venues. The Grocery Store Musical was composed by George Fetner and directed by Aaron Pelzek. Professional vocalists who appeared to be fellow shoppers blured the line between stage and everyday life with a live musical performance in the produce section of six grocery stores in the Columbia area. Those who witnessed the performance received a coupon for One Magnificent Day.

Grocery stores included in the series:

--Earthfare on Devine St.

--Fresh Market in Trenholm Plaza

--Publix on Rosewood

--Kroger on Lake Murray Blvd

--Piggly Wiggly in Lexington

--Aldi on Piney Grove Road

The performances were brief (just under 5 minutes in length), and the performances happened between 2 and 5 PM on Saturday, June 9, and Sunday, June 10. Information about where exactly the performances happened on the two performance days was revealed on the day of the event on the Pocket Productions facebook page.

The Grocery Store Musical was inspired by the works of the international public prank collective Improv Everywhere. Pocket Productions brought the founder, Charlie Todd, back to his hometown of Columbia, SC, in April 2012 to present the very first Improv Everywhere performance in South Carolina. The song was composed by local George Fetner, who writes music for the local band Pinna. Aaron Pelzek founded Pocket Productions in 2009 and is a well known figure in the arts scene in Columbia, SC, where he lights the stages of many local performance companies.

Composer: George Fetner

Director: Aaron Pelzek

Cast: Kelsey Harrison, Jay Zenger, Rebecca Wood and Katie Gatch