Art on the Trail Midlands

Use this "Art On The Trail" Interactive Map to follow installations along the Palmetto Trail, or check out the "Art On The Trail" Playing After Dark event that took place on May 11 at the Riverfront Park.

The Midlands have been adorned with site specific artwork, created from natural materials found along the Palmetto Trail. The installations will be a part of the trail throughout the summer, and will be removed when they begin to return to the natural surroundings once again through natural decay. Click on the map above to see images of the installations. Take a walk along the Palmetto Trail in the Capital City and Peak to Prosperity regions to see the installations for yourself.

Jen Pepper – Jen is a professor at Cazenovia College in New York with extensive experience creating installation artwork internationally. Constructed from natural plant materials found in the area, woven bird’s nests and spider webs and brightly colored crocheted patterns over rock forms will serve as the sculptural interception of her creative process and the site.

Brian Rust – Brian is the chair of the art department at Augusta State University, and has been creating temporary and long term natural material installations for the past 20 years. Brian will create a series of 3-5 sculptures that can also serve as seating benches. They will take the form of large bird nests using available natural and scrap materials from the trail system along with some hardware attachments. Materials include invasive species branches and brush, scrap lumber, and stones from the site.

Roy Paschal -- Roy is a professional artist from Columbia, SC. He will create three enormous geese frozen in flight over the Columbia canal in Riverfront Park. Using bamboo, river reeds and invasive vine material as the structure, the imagery will be completed through the reflection of these enormous sculptures in the water.

Click here to use the "Art On The Trail" interactive map

Selected artists for the Midlands Installations:

Jen Pepper

Brian Rust

Roy Paschal