Digital World

Digital World is series of interactive video installations, created by programmers and artists from the Columbia community. The series kicks off on Friday, September 28 at the Riverbanks Zoo Zoofari, in the small mammals tunnel. Passersby will be transported into a digital world by the artistic programming aficionados David Hamiter and Alex Rothman.

This year, Pocket Productions will bring Columbia many unique interactive installations, which will pop up in a variety of locations in your local community. Check our Facebook page and sign up to our newsletter to find out when and where you can catch the next installation of Digital World.

Would you like to have a Digital World installation at your event? Contact us for details.

Happiness Bomb with Professor Fripples

David Hamiter and Alex Rothman – concept, code, and materials

Brandon McIver - tree sculpture

Mike Pope and Willie White – concept and testing