Waltz at Color The Arts

As the crowds gathered at the Color the Arts this spring, drummers Ryan Stokes and Davin Lail rounded the corner of First Citizens Plaza. The arts supporters paused their conversations as the pair moved down to the grassy lawn, put their drums down, and stepped onto the grass with their dancing partners. Fifteen other members of the crowd took off their shoes and slowly made their way to the grass as “The Rainbow Connection” began playing over the speakers. Xavier Martin Moses, graduate of the USC Opera program and professional vocalist, joined professional dancers Ryan Thomas, Olivia Anderson, Keith Mearns and Jessica Stroupe to present an amazing performance that involved a total of seven professional performers and ten members of the general public. This event was sponsored by the Cultural Council of Richland and Lexington Counties.

Waltz: Krista Futch, Kristine Hartingsen, Karen Storay, Kevin Green, Mack Warren, Amy Warren, Terrell Rittenhouse, Jan Jackson

Professional Performers:Malcolme Rembert, Monessa Salley, Vibrations Dance Company Choreography by Terrance Henderson, Ryan Thomas and Olivia Anderson, USC Dance CompanyMusic recorded by Kirill Simin and Aaron Pelzek

Photography by Kirill SiminMusic: The Rainbow Connection, written by Paul Williams and Kenneth Ascher