"Come and swim with the sharks!  Be catapulted into space!  Be transformed into a drawing of yourself!"  As residents headed to their favorite restaurants in October of 2011, they were greeted with some very unexpected visitors.  

Hoop dancers Gina Wolfe and Kerri Wiegand welcomed passersby, leading them to a spontaneous photobooth designed by Lucas Sams and Aaron Pelzek.  Photographs were immediately digitally manipulated to place the subjects into unusual contexts, designed by Kirill Simin.  The photographs were projected onto the side of the photobooth as they were taken, and were then posted on our website; participants were encouraged to download them for free.

Photographer and Project Designer:  Kirill Simin

Hoop Dancers:  Gina Wolf, Kerri Wiegrand

Photobooth Construction Designer: Aaron Pelzek

Photobooth Visual Artist: Lucas Sams