Saluda Shoals

Last year we were contacted by the Kathy Carter Scott of Saluda Shoals to participate in their annual arts festival, which is held throughout the park. After a site visit we decided to proceed in making an original musical that would be performed spontaneously in the park at a strategic moment in the festival. 

With the professional help of opera singers Xavier Moses-Martin and Jessica Gibbons alongside our volunteer cast we performed this hilarious A cappella musical. The witty, original song was written by Aaron Pelzek, and dealt with the fear of nature and how we should learn to embrace the outdoors and have fun as a community out in nature. This event has only been produced once, for the festival, but remains in the arsenal of Pocket Productions as a possibility for future performances.

Opera singers: Xavier Moses-Martin and Jessica Gibbons

Original song was written by Aaron Pelzek