On May 22, 2010, ArtRageous pulled off the first flash freeze mob in South Carolina. Thirty people came together for an information session and rehearsal in the USC Horseshoe at 11:30 AM. After filling the volunteers in on where and how the event would take place, we all headed off to the Dutch Square Mall food court. At exactly 1 PM, thirty people froze where they stood. The onlookers, surprised, amazed and somewhat confused, hypothesized. Was it a commercial? Was it an art project? One gentleman said, "I don't know. They just froze in time." As the participants of the event resumed walking at 1:04 as if nothing had happened, they dropped cards with ArtRageous.com, the clue to the incidental audience about the reason for the event. The participants walked on, and life in the mall resumed, leaving the bemused mall goers to their day and their reflections on the second ArtRageous event.

Thanks so much to the participants of the first flash freeze mob in South Carolina:

Cassie Daniels, Jim Litzinger, Crystal Johnson, Margey Bolen, Olivia Anderson, Paris Ward, Mark Green, Cassie Van DeLinder, Todd Van DeLinder, Angel Sizemore, Bonnie Boiter-Jolley, Pablo Heredia, Sandra Dickson, Todd Williams, Ron Chapieski, Amy Warren, Harriet Showman, David West, Mack Warren, Madeline Hendry, Ben Plyler, Kirill Simin, Katherine LaLima, Diane Hare, Krista Futch, Christina Wood, Edward Marion, Joshua Beard, Alexander Abrashkin, Laila Hussein

Special thanks to the 31 Columbia residents who took part in the very first Flash Freeze Mob in South Carolina.

Video: Molly Harrell, Erin Curtis, Wade Sellers
Photo: Mark Green