SEASON: 2012-2013


Cirque Du Soleil II

This Spring, three pieces of artwork inspired and commissioned by Cirque du Soleil will transport passersby into the imaginary world of Quidam.

April 4, First Thursday on Main Street -- The Imagination Room will take the stage in its first incarnation. The room is a mini imaginarium that features a digital interactive installation created by programmer-artist David Hamiter of Happiness Bomb, constructed by Brandon Mciver and Aaron Pelzek.

April 6, Soda City Market on Main Street -- The corner of Hampton and Main Street will come alive with faces from Quidam. Cedric Umoja has designed an incredible series of interpretations that will be painted directly on the sidewalk. Come out and see this installation materialize.

April 8, Mellow Mushroom on Gervais Street -- Acrobats will spin and twirl in the wind on the wall of Mellow Mushroom as part of the third installation, designed by Marianna Simina. Make sure to drive past and catch the action!
**IMPORTANT UPDATE**. This project requires a permit to take place, and the approval has not gone through. Currently, the project is postponed until further notice.

April 12, Indie Grits Opening Party -- The Imagination Room will pop up with its second incarnation, transporting guests of the free opening party into an imaginary world. Every guest will receive a parting wish granted if they are able to complete the challenge that lies within.

Be on the look out for more incarnations of the Imagination Room!

Imagination Room:

Programming and concept by David Hamiter

Construction and room design by Brandon Mciver and Aaron Pelzek

Sidewalk Transformation, corner of Main and Hampton:

Art by Cedric Umoja

Acrobat City on the Mellow Mushroom building:

Design by Marianna Simina