SEASON: 2010-2011


Artista Vista

Collaboration reached a new level at Pocket Productions’ installation at Artista Vista in the Spring of 2011.  Five visual artists joined literary artists to present a completely original re-formulation of the vista itself.

Musical artists included Wesley Joyner, Ryan Shah and Alderman Douglas.  Visual artists Thomas Crouch, Kirill Simin, Thomas Hammond, Marianna Simina and Will Moreau Gowens participated in this phenomenal event.  Charlene Spearen, Jonathan Miracle, Robert LeHeup, Candace Wiley and Colena Corbett created the literary works presented in collaboration with the visual artists, and read their pieces throughout the evening.  

Special thanks to Hannah Tveden, the featured gallery and the winner or our handmade book design award.  This event was sponsored by CMFA.