SEASON: 2012-2013


Artists Exposure

This year, Artists Exposure unites nationally renowned musicians with Columbia artists through collaborations with Southern Exposure, the award winning New Music Series presented by the University of South Carolina.

The first featured artist, Mike Pope, creates unique metalworks that constitute building blocks of his own unique world. On September 28, he joins nationally renowned percussionists to create a unique take on the Door to Heaven.

Pocket Productions' second collaboration with Southern Exposure presents Arnold Schoenberg's melodrama "Pierrot Lunaire". "Moonstruck Pierrot" is one of the defining and most controversial masterworks of the 20th century. With major themes including love, religion, blasphemy, blood, insanity, violence and death, it will be the perfect concert for the week before Halloween.

Pocket Productions is pairing this performance with work of Lyon Hill. He has been a puppetmaker and puppeteer with the Columbia Marionette Theatre since 1997. His paintings and puppets have been shown in numerous galleries over the years and his puppet shows have been performed at regional and national puppet festivals.

The third collaboration paired up Polygraph Lounge and Jeffrey Donovan.

Southern Exposure - Percussion Extravaganza, Pocket Productions - Michael Pope

Southern Exposure - Pierrot Lunaire, Pocket Productions - Lyon Hill

Southern Exposure - Polygraph Lounge, Pocket Productions - Jeffrey Donovan

Southern Exposure - Polygraph Lounge, Pocket Productions - Jeffrey Donovan