SEASON: 2013-2014


Artists Exposure 2013

Pocket Productions continues its collaboration with the Southern Exposure series in the 2013-2014 season.

The award-winning Southern Exposure New Music Series kicked off its 2013-14 season with the dynamic cello and piano duo TwoSense! TwoSense is comprised of cellist Ashley Bathgate and pianist Lisa Moore, both contemporary music luminaries.

Featured gallery artist: Adrian Rhodes

Adrian Rhodes

"I am interested in the act of making. Rather than expressing a preconceived idea or conveying a specific message, I find that meaning and purpose within the work comes from employing art making as a way to question. Through process the content is revealed to be dependent on the internal logic of the piece. The resulting composition bears many traces of how it was made. While you can see the effects of underlying colors and patterns showing through the topmost skin of paint, there are also the traces evident in the many layers, abrasions and seams within the composition. These tactile remnants of the piece’s foundation lie beneath the surface layer and bear witness to the history of the painting’s creation." -- Adrian Rhodes

* * *

Southern Exposure's second performance, "Composer Portrait" -- a tour of the music of a single composer (with one special exception, in this case!) -- features the work of series founder and USC professor of composition John Fitz Rogers, performed by USC music faculty, students, and some special guests.

Featured gallery artist: Katie Boatman

"Working closely with Professor David Voros, I have gained a revitalized appreciation for paint as a medium and its wide array of exploitations. As a Katie Boatman Graduate Instructional Assistant at USC, I have been introduced to several new mediums, in particular the glue-size paint called Distemper, that have allowed me to reevaluate my materials and carefully consider their implementation. My material knowledge base of paint comes out of the primary use of acrylic, watercolor, and oil; however, it has since come to include encaustic, distemper, glair, tempera, shellac-based inks, and pastel. I have learned how to hand-make oil paint, acrylic paint, shellac-based inks, pastels, distemper, tempera, and glair." -- Katie Boatman

Adrian Rhodes

Katie Boatman