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This Monday and Tuesday, Pocket Productions presents a very unique use of a most important community resource through a collaboration that brings together artists from across Columbia.

On March 25 and 26, libraries around Columbia will come alive as five percussionists, led by commissioned composer David Batchelor and dancers from the Power Company enter libraries around town and begin a six minute performance. The percussionists will use only objects found in the library as their instruments; the books, tables and chairs will become the dancers' props for a site specific piece entirely inspired by the quiet peace found in the more

New Photos from Southern Exposure


We've added some photos from the recent Southern Exposure performance. The artist for "Artist Exposure" was Jeffrey Donovan (represented by If Art gallery).

See photos here

Jeffrey Donovan Southern Exposure Polygraph Lounge

Be My Valentine


Your Mission: Go to one of the following coffee shops, pick up five valentine cards, and give them to five complete strangers.

Participating coffee shops: Drip Coffee on Main Street and in 5-Points, Immaculate Consumption on Main Street, Cool Beans and College Grounds on College Street, Cafe Strudel on State Street, Goatfeathers in 5-Points, Starbucks in the Vista, Carolina Cafe on Sumter Street.

Free valentines, once again, have infiltrated Columbia, and it's your job to spread the love. The images on these little gems were donated doodles from your local community. Valentines day doesn't have to be about the lucky coupled few and/or chocolate and rose responsibilities. Make the day a little brighter.

Southern Exposure Polygraph Lounge


Southern Exposure, Polygraph Lounge, Pocket Productions, Jeff Donovan

Ugly Art


It started with a nervous discussion between strangers in an art gallery. It ended with "We're not getting a dog." Terry Roueche's short play, "Two Cats, No Dogs," marks Trustus Theater's first ArtRageous production, effectively catapulting the avant garde theater into the community at large. The play, directed by Trustus' Larry Hembree, is part of a series of plays entitled Ugly Art, written by Rock Hill native Terry Roueche. Terry enters the Columbia art scene with a work that has been recognized and performed both nationally and internationally.

Harrison Saunders and Jennifer Sanchez, actors from Trustus Theater, entered gallery two at the Columbia Museum of Art casually; the gathered crowd, anticipating something ArtRageous, eavesdropped on their conversation as the emotional inner monologue and nervous interaction quickly led to the passion of frank love at first sight. more

facts about pocket productions

Did you know that ArtRageous, Pocket Productions' spontaneous art series, was inspired by Improv Everywhere? This exciting public performance group based out of NYC was started by a Columbia, SC, native. On April 5, the founder, Charlie Todd, caused a scene in Columbia, SC.

Did you know that the first Playing After Dark event showcased the talents of eight local artists and had 65 audience members?  Great things start small.

Pocket Productions has showcased the artwork of over 50 local visual artists, reaching over 10,000 residents throughout the Midlands.

Pocket Productions has worked with over 30 organizations, including the Columbia Museum of Art, the Columbia Classical Ballet, the SC Philharmonic, and the Palmetto Conservation Foundation.

Did you know that the first ArtRageous event was funded by the Arts Institute and the Cultural Council of Richland and Lexington Counties? Since this initial event, we have brought over 20 spontaneous events to the City of Columbia and Richland County that engage the general public with art.

The 2012-2013 season is sponsored by the City of Columbia, the Cultural Council of Richland and Lexington Counties and the South Carolina Arts Commission. Thank you for your generous support!