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Old School Photos


Click on the photo to check out some photos from the event last Friday:

Pocket Productions Playing After Dark Old School

Old School


Pocket Productions Playing After Dark Old School

Join Pocket Productions for an eclectic evening “Old School”, part of their Playing After Dark series, in downtown Columbia on Friday, June 7, 6:30pm at CMFA, 914 Pulaski Street. Playing After Dark “Old School” will focus on the “original recipe” of Playing After Dark where an eclectic group of visual and performance artists. This event will feature puppet shows, short films, live poetry, live visual and gallery art and a lot of fun.

Color Columbia


Color Columbia is an opportunity for artists throughout South Carolina to show their skills to the Columbia community and to begin to be considered for mural commissions within the city. Columbia is looking to fund multiple dynamic, innovative murals, and artists are needed with exciting ideas and exemplary skills. At least one mural commission with a maximum production budget of $10,000 including artist fees, production and materials is projected, with more similar commissions to follow. Artist fees (excluding materials) for these projects will generally be $3,000 or greater.

Click here to immediately download the application form.

All selected finalists will participate in Color Columbia during First Thursday on Main Street on July 4...Read More.

Surprise! ArtRageous all over the place


ArtRageous April from Pocket Productions

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facts about pocket productions

Did you know that ArtRageous, Pocket Productions' spontaneous art series, was inspired by Improv Everywhere? This exciting public performance group based out of NYC was started by a Columbia, SC, native. On April 5, the founder, Charlie Todd, caused a scene in Columbia, SC.

Did you know that the first Playing After Dark event showcased the talents of eight local artists and had 65 audience members?  Great things start small.

Pocket Productions has showcased the artwork of over 50 local visual artists, reaching over 10,000 residents throughout the Midlands.

Pocket Productions has worked with over 30 organizations, including the Columbia Museum of Art, the Columbia Classical Ballet, the SC Philharmonic, and the Palmetto Conservation Foundation.

Did you know that the first ArtRageous event was funded by the Arts Institute and the Cultural Council of Richland and Lexington Counties? Since this initial event, we have brought over 20 spontaneous events to the City of Columbia and Richland County that engage the general public with art.

The 2012-2013 season is sponsored by the City of Columbia, the Cultural Council of Richland and Lexington Counties and the South Carolina Arts Commission. Thank you for your generous support!