SEASON: 2010-2011




Friday and Saturday, January 21 and 22, 2011

A two week project for collaborating visual artists Amanda Ladymon and Michael Krajewski provided a backdrop for the work of two inspiring musicians.

Lansana Camara, internationally renowned West African musician, collaborated with percussionist Ryan Stokes, dancer Steven Ferguson and artist Michael Krajewski to create a rich performance featuring live painting.

Local musician Wesley Joyner collaborated with Ladymon to present an innovative work that drew together Sufi melodies and meandering murals; these mediums met the veiled beauty of contemporary dance by Nyna Dalbec.

Kirill Simin presented original music and artwork in collaboration with choreographer Sherry Warren. Haiku written by Charlene Spearen, created for Digital Graffiti, a winter ArtRageous event that infused the community with local artwork and meditations on the season’s wonders, inspired contemporary dance and artwork by Marianna Simina. 

This collaborative performance featured the works by a range of artists of different mediums to create a truly unforgettable, innovative renovation of the traditional performance.