SEASON: 2012-2013


Old School

Join Pocket Productions for an eclectic evening “Old School”, part of their Playing After Dark series, in downtown Columbia on Friday, June 7, 6:30pm at CMFA, 914 Pulaski Street. Playing After Dark “Old School” will focus on the “original recipe” of Playing After Dark where an eclectic group of visual and performance artists. This event will feature puppet shows, short films, live poetry, live visual and gallery art and a lot of fun..

The amazing artists we have gathered for “Old School” will bring forth many familiar faces such as Puppeteer and Pocket Productions co-founder Kimi Maeda or the amazing visual art of Piensa Art Company founders Sammy and Dre Lopez. The evening will also feature new artists to Playing After Dark such as the Columbia fixture known as Lucas Sams and the new short film of Mike Coleman!

Kimi Maeda will perform an original puppet production only recently performed for the first time at Harbison Theatre’s Puppet Slam! Lyon Forrest Hill will show his FINAL EDITED version of his short film Supine. The poetry of PAD newcomer Jonathan Brilliant! The short films of visual artists and veteran to our stage Mike Pope! A new short film from Mike Coleman that is sure to make you think of the end of times in a new way! And to top off all of our wonderful stage performances we will also feature the live music of the genius that is Wes Joyner!!! Oh, we didn't forget our visual artists either, this is a very unique project that was incepted by Pocket Productions 3 years ago called “the two week project” where the artists are given 2 themes in the 2 weeks prior to the production with a time constraint to work on each piece and then they show up an hour before our door opens (at 6:30pm) where they receive their last theme and will, in only three hours and in front of an audience, produce the last piece of the 3 piece series based on a theme given to them by our producers. Visual artists include Lucas Sams, Sammy Lopez, Dre Lopez, Cedric Umoja and newcomer to our stage Vince Slice!!! And of course all of our visual art is FOR SALE!!! And Pocket Productions has always stayed true to providing the artists 100% profit for their art sales as we will continue to be a commission free company!

As always we will offer our audience the chance to take part in helping our projects move forward based on thoughts and advice we harvest from deep within them, if they are willing to grow those thoughts with us. Every performance, including visual artists, allow the unique ability to speak candidly with artists featured in the prior event of the evening to offer advice, observation, and really open a clear conversation about what was just witnessed and what patrons think of it. We can’t wait to see you all there! This will be an event to relax to, realign with and remember always.

Charlene Spearen

Day Clean

Mike Pope

Michael Coleman

Jessica Oswald

Lyon Forrest Hill

Kimi Maeda

Robert Leheup

Wesley Joyner

Lucas Sams

Cedric Umoja

Dre Lopez

Sammy Lopez

Vince Slice