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ARTRAGEOUS began through a grant from the Arts Institute at USC in 2009. ArtRageous is a publicly funded event series supported by the City of Columbia, Cultural Council of Richland and Lexingon Counties, the SC Arts Commission, Columbia Music Festival Association and the Columbia community.

Gone are the days when art must be confined to a gallery or a stage, only available to the select few who can afford it. Artrageous aims to bring art to everyone, everywhere. We aim to pull local artists out of their comfortable venues and routines. We aim to do no less than alter the norm, to change the way art is perceived, and to bring beauty to the everyday lives of all citizens of Columbia, SC. Through events planned throughout the coming year, we will showcase the incredible artists who exist in our local community.

Be on the look out for spontaneous art events in Columbia, SC. Surprising performances that showcase local artists are planned throughout the year. Where will the next one be? Our events will emerge in locations ranging from city parks to grocery stores.

Find out more about Playing After Dark events

PLAYING AFTER DARK is a collaborative art event which involves local artists of every medium in innovative projects. Every art event exposes audience members to new takes on the traditional performance, and seeks to draw together artists with divergent talents to create a truly unique experience.

We are always looking for artists to involve in these productions. We have included over 100 local artists in these productions to date. All of the profits from these events are split among the participating artists. Thanks to grant support from the City of Columbia, Cultural Council of Richland And Lexington Counties and devoted members of our local community, we are now able to offer every participating artist a minimum fee for their participation. Ask for details or to propose a project.

Our summer 2011 event featured a four course meal by chef Malcolm Hudson, a puppet show by Lyon Forest Hill, a live video game by software engineer David Hamiter, a musical performance by Day Clean, and the evocative works of metal sculptor Mike Pope. What amazing innovations will the next performance include? You'll just have to wait and see…see…

Find out more about Independent projects

Artista Vista, Columbia International Festival and others.

Pocket Productions is always looking for innovative ways to introduce multiple mediums to art events. In 2010, we worked with Columbia Music Festival Association to add performances and an art fair to the reopening of Township Auditorium. During the 2012-2013 season, we will work with Southern Exposure to establish collaborations between local visual artists and cutting edge nationally renowned musicians. We are always looking for new ways to bring innovation and collaboration into the arts community. Contact us if you would like for us to work with your organization on a project.