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The Mission of Pocket Productions is to develop the arts community in Columbia, SC, by stimulating cooperation between and innovation among local artists and arts organizations. We aim to increase the number of residents who attend art events and support the arts, thereby developing Columbia economically and expanding the influence and exposure of the arts in the community at large.

Innovation and Cooperation:

  1. We aim to stimulate innovation and growth within the local arts community by creating opportunities for artists from different organizations or companies and mediums to work together in the creative process.
  2. We focus on changing public exposure and perception of local art and finding unique ways to present the arts to the public, thereby expanding the public definition of art.
  3. We aim to link organizations and companies with common goals so that they can cooperatively achieve their aims.
  4. We aim to assist talented artists who are new to the local art scene in developing their professionalism and connections within the existing arts community.

Audience Expansion:

  1. We seek to find innovative ways to bring the public to the arts by making the arts once again accessible to the public.
  2. We aim to expand the audiences who appreciate and support different mediums by producing performances that involve multiple mediums.
  3. We seek to provoke a response from the public, rejuvenating the community involvement in the arts.
  4. We seek to draw individuals of all ages and ethnicities from across Columbia to art events, thereby stimulating cooperation and greater unity within the community.
  5. We aim to make the public aware of the enormous amount of artistic talent that exists within their community and therefore begin to define their artistic tastes through projects that showcase local performers, visual artists and musicians in an accessible form.

Pocket Productions would love to produce a performance for your organization's gala or event. Ask for a free quote.

In 2011, we completed our first promotional project for Cirque Du Soliel through the Colonial Life Arena. Through this project, four local artists were commissioned to produce artwork communicating the theme of Alegria. From murals underfoot in Five Points to acrobats bursting through windows on Main Street, the city came alive to welcome this international sensation to Columbia, SC. Would you like to reach your customers through a promotional art project? We would love to engage the public by commissioning local artists to create artwork to promote your organization. Ask for a free quote.

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